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SMS & Email Marketing Software.
SendGlue lets you send powerful marketing messages to your clients using SMS and Email.
Handles All Types of Messages:
Video MMS Marketing.
Picture MMS Marketing.
SMS & Email Marketing.
Autoresponders for SMS & Email.
Coupons via SMS & Email.
Campaign statistics and reports.
Emergency Notifications.
No credit card required. Free 14-day trial.
Why Choose SendGlue?
Timely Messages. SMS and Email messages get read fast. Get your messages to clients in a flash!
Go Mobile. Consumers are more mobile than ever, reach them no matter their location.
Video & Picture MMS Support. Include photos, videos and files to create compelling messages.
Customization. Build campaigns specific to your company OR use one of our pre-made templates.
Build Loyalty. Build loyalty by keeping in touch with clients. Today's consumers prefer receiving messages by text message or email.
Be Impressive. SendGlue helps create impressive campaigns that leave a lasting impression. People will love you for choosing SendGlue!
No credit card required. Free 14-day trial.
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